Kung Fu Monster

Kung Fu Monster (Chinese: 武林怪兽), previously translated as When Robbers Meet the Monster, is an upcoming Hong Kong-Chinese wuxia fantasy film directed by Andrew Lau and starring Louis Koo, Chen Xuedong, Bao Bei'er, Zhou Dongyu and Bea Hayden. Production for the film began on 13 April 2017[2] and wrapped up on 8 June of the same year in Beijing,[3][4] and is set for release in December 2018.[5]

Kung Fu Monster
Teaser film poster
MandarinWǔ Lín Guài Shòu
CantoneseMou2 Lam4 Gwaai3 Sau3
Directed byAndrew Lau
Produced byDerek Yee
Mandy Law
Peggy Lee
StarringLouis Koo
Chen Xuedong
Bao Bei'er
Zhou Dongyu
Bea Hayden
Music byChan Kwong Wing
Wan Pin Chu
Distributed byMedia Asia Distributions , Aeon Pix Studios ( India )
Release date
  • December 21, 2018 (2018-12-21)
Running time
100 minutes[1]
CountryHong Kong


During the Wanli Emperor's reign (reigned 1572 to 1620) in the Ming dynasty, Sun Yehe, supervisor of the Eastern Depot, was ordered to capture monsters that have escaped from the royal palace. At the same time, militia warrior Zhen Jian colludes with his martial arts junior Xiong Jiaojiao and female warrior Leng Bingbing gather a group of forest fighters to rob the silver from corrupt officials. However, silver was missing, while wanted criminal Feng Sihai appears along with Jianghu wanderer Wu Bai. As a bigger crisis comes, monsters are looking through it nearby.



Name Singer Type
凡人英雄歌 Tengger Theme song
招财进宝 (Lucky Fortune) Yang Chaoyue Holiday Theme song


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