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The Kumal (कुमाल) or Prajapati (potter) are one of the ancient indigenous peoples of Nepal. They are scattered in various areas of Nepal. The traditional occupation of Kumals is making clay pots, but recently, they have become dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. Women have equal status with men. The Kumal worship the family god, Same (god of beasts), snake gods and goddesses, gods and goddesses of forests, and other Hindu gods and goddesses. Kumal are scattered throughout Nepal. They are respectable caste and they rank themselves with newer castes. and in Acchman district. They make matrimonial alliances with Kshtriays. The people with the caste Karnal, Darnal, Kumai, a, are mostly considered to be ancient Kumal people of Nepal

According to population census 2011, 121196 kumals live in Nepal. They mostly live in inner terai of Nepal.