Kukkutarama was a Buddhist monastery in Pataliputra[1] in eastern India, which is famous as the location of various "Discourses at the Kukkutarama Monastery", and for the eponymous "Kukkutarama sutra". Kukkutarama was also a Buddhist in Kosambi.

Charles Allen writes that Ashoka built this Monastery and that the Amalaka stupa outside the monastery was built to commemorate his death.[citation needed] Xuanzang and Faxian mentioned the monastery as well.[citation needed]

According to an Ashokavadana legend, the Shunga king Pushyamitra tried to destroy the monastery, but it was saved by a miracle.[2]

Mahadeva is said to have received his ordination at Kukkutarama (Pataliputta), before becoming the head of the sangha.

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