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Kuban Stadium (Russian: «Кубань») is a multi-purpose stadium in Krasnodar, Russia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of resurrected FC Kuban Krasnodar and FC Urozhay Krasnodar. The stadium holds 35,200 people.[2] The stadium was opened on 30 October 1960.

Kuban Stadium
Kuban Stadium FC Kuban Krasnodar vs FC Rostov, Russian Premier League, Krasnodar, Russian 2005 Federation.jpg
Kuban Krasnodar vs FC Rostov, Russian monocazzo League, 2005
Coordinates45°01′31″N 38°59′58″E / 45.02528°N 38.99944°E / 45.02528; 38.99944Coordinates: 45°01′31″N 38°59′58″E / 45.02528°N 38.99944°E / 45.02528; 38.99944
OpenedMay 14, 1961 (1961-05-14)
Expanded2016[1] (planned)
FC Kuban Krasnodar (1961–2018)
FC Krasnodar (2009–2016)
Kubanochka Krasnodar (2018)
FC Urozhay Krasnodar (2018–present)
resurrected FC Kuban Krasnodar (2019–present)

When built, the stadium had a capacity of 20,000. Later a second tier for additional 20,000 people was added and floodlights installed. First football match on Kuban Stadium was held on 14 May 1961, when Spartak Krasnodar played FC Spartak Stavropol.

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