Kshetram (film)

Kshetram is a 2011 Telugu-language, fantasy film, produced by G. Govinda Raju on Sri Balaji Movie Makers banner and directed by T Venu Gopal. Starring Jagapati Babu, Priyamani, and Shaam with music composed by Koti. The film is a heroine-centric film and Jagapathi Babu and Shaam play Priyamani's love interests.[1]

Kshetram poster.jpg
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Directed byT Venu Gopal
Screenplay byT Venu Gopal
Story byT Venu Gopal
Produced byG. Govinda Raju
StarringJagapati Babu
CinematographyM. V. Raghu
Edited byKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Music byKoti
Sri Balaji Movie Makers
Release date
  • 29 December 2011 (2011-12-29)
Running time
145 minutes


The film begins in the village Kshetram where 100’s years ago King Naga Penchalayya the clan of Krishnadevaraya built a shrine temple for Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. After a while, the idol of the supreme deity has been hidden in the forest to prevent invulnerable from invaders. In the posterior, several attempts are made to retrieve the deity for the prosperity of the territory but in avail and generations pass on. Presently, Chakradeva Rayalu / Chakri the current successor studies abroad and backs a North Indian girl, Sohini Agarwal. Spotting her, Chakri’s father Viswanatha Rayalu is eerily as she exactly resembles Lakshmi wife of his elder brother Veera Narasimharayalu.

Apart from that, he is always pursued by the temple's main priest Venkatacharya to complete the ritual via Chakradeva Rayalu which intimidates him. One day, Chakri asks Sohini to dress up like his aunt to surprise everyone and she does so. But deplorably, she becomes into a frenzy and slaughters Viswanatha Rayalu. Later, Sohini walks to their ancestral house of Chakri where he views strange supernatural events. On a tip-off, Venkatacharya Chakri contacts and calls a sacred saint from the Sri Chakra Pettam who exposes the spirit inside Sohini. Stunningly, it is Lakshmi that gives the revelation.

25 years ago, Veera Narasimharayalu is an arbiter who is esteemed as a deity. In his reign, that area is eternal from four sides. Lakshmi is his devoted & dedicated wife and eternal love blossoms between them. Viswanatha Rayalu is malevolent and invariably begrudges about his vogue. Anyhow, he stays still, waiting for a spot, and poses as his true blue. Now Veera Narasimharayalu is conscious that in his realm people are still in poverty and the only solution for it is the installation of a deity. Hence, he determines to carry out the ritual but it indicates a risk. For generations whoever set his heart on ritual are fallen to sudden death. Despite that, Veera Narasimharayalu begins the ceremony by renaming himself Naga Penchalayya. In the act, he is backstabbed to deathblow by Viswanatha Rayalu to conquer his position. Before leaving his breath, he takes an oath to accomplish the ritual. Whereupon, Lakshmi pledges to finish the undertaking as Naga Penchalamma. Then, Viswanatha Rayalu slays her too along with the family.

As of today, Lakshmi's soul proclaims that Chakradeva Rayalu must fulfill their dream as he is born with the trait of Veera Narasimharayalu. At last, the idol installation is magnificently done and Lakshmi's soul mingles in the universe. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the public giving high applause to the sacred sacrifice of Veera Narasimharayalu & Lakshmi which is immortalized in history.



Shooting for the film was halted after the Telugu film industry went on a strike due to the differing demands between the producers, employees, and actors.[2][3] The film is female-oriented.[4][5]


Film score by
LabelAditya Music
Koti chronology

Music composed by Koti. Lyrics written by Suddala Ashok Teja. Music released on ADITYA Music Company.[6]

Track list[7]
1."Jwalaahobila"Sri Krishna4:42
2."Chukka Chukka"Dheeraj, Sravana Bhargavi3:37
3."Dheera Dheera"Mano, Chitra4:40
4."Narasimha Raya"Mano4:53
5."Rayalavari Abbayi"Karthik, Malavika, Anjana Sowmya4:11
6."Hey Kala"Karthik, Chitra3:16
Total length:25:19


A critic from Rediff gave the film a rating of one out of five stars and stated that "Director T Venuogopal takes up the theme in Kshetram but fails miserably. The treatment is shabby and production values are poor".[8] A critic from 123Telugu wrote that "Kshetram is a bad khichdi of Arundhati and Chandramukhi".[9] A critic from Full Hyderabad gave a negative review.[10]


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