Kronprinsessegade 36

Kronprinsessegade 36 is a Neoclassical property overlooking Rosenborg Castle Garden in central Copenhagen, Denmark. A plaque embedded in the wall between the first and second floor commemorates that the composer Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse lived in the building from 1825 to 1842.

Kronprinsessegade 36
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General information
Coordinates55°41′4.62″N 12°34′57.23″E / 55.6846167°N 12.5825639°E / 55.6846167; 12.5825639Coordinates: 55°41′4.62″N 12°34′57.23″E / 55.6846167°N 12.5825639°E / 55.6846167; 12.5825639
Construction started1820
Design and construction
Architect(s)Thomas Blom


Kronprinsessegade seen on a print with a text that commemorates that Weyse lived in the building from 1825

Kronprinsessegade 36 was built by master builder Thomas Blom in 1820–1825. Blom had until then lived at Kronprinsessegade 40 but this family moved into one of the apartment when the new building on its completion in 1825. Thomas Blom lived in the building until his death in 1841 and It was sold by his widow in 1845. One of the other apartments in the new building was taken over by composer and organist Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse. He had lived at No. 8 since 1915. He lived in the apartment until his death in 1842.

C. D. Fenger's living room at No. 36.

The mathematician and politician Carl Christoffer Georg Andræ lived in the building from 1843 to 1846.

Count W. C. E. von Sponneck, a jurist, lived in the building from 1845 to 1863. He was appointed to Minister of Financial Affairs in 1849. Carl Emil Fenger (1814-1884), director of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, lived in the building from 1870.[1]


The Weyse plaqye
The warehouse in the courtyard

The building consists of three storeys over a high cellar. The roof is a Mansard roof with a two-bay wall dormer flanked by two dormers. A cornice supported by brackets runs under the roof.

A side wing extends from the rear side of the building. A four-storey warehouse is located at the bottom of the courtyard.


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