Kristian Lous

Kristian Lous (9 August 1875 – 24 September 1941) was a Norwegian astronomer.

He was born in Oslo[1] as a son of Attorney General Karl Lous.[2] He was a brother of barrister Georg Lous,[3] grandson of barrister Johan Christian Vogelsang Lous and great-grandson of commodore Carl Christian Lous.[2] His grandfather was a brother of Thora Marie Lous,[4] who in turn was the mother of Christian Lous Lange. Kristian Lous was thus a second cousin of Halvard, Carl Viggo and August Lange.[5]

He managed the Observatory at the Royal Frederick University from 1919 to its closing in 1934. Special fields include celestial mechanics and the Three-body problem. He edited the official Norwegian almanac from 1928 to 1941.[1] He died in September 1941 and was buried in Ris.[6]


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