Kozhuun (Tuvan: кожуун) is the Tuvan term of an historical feudal administrative division known as a banner.

The term kozhuun is used today as a unit in the system of the administrative divisions of the Tuva Republic of Russia.[1] A typical federal subject of Russia is subdivided into raions. Kozhuun is an ethnic name for a raion, used only in Tuva.

Tuva historically had nine kozhuun. Each kozhuun was divided into sumus which was then subdivided into arbans.

List of historical kozhuunsEdit

  1. Tozhu
  2. Salchak
  3. Oyunnar
  4. Khemchik
  5. Khaasuut
  6. Shalyk
  7. Nibazy
  8. Daa-van and Choodu
  9. Beezi

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