Coordinates: 23°34′35″N 120°10′21″E / 23.57626°N 120.172523°E / 23.57626; 120.172523

Kouhu Township (Chinese: 口湖鄉; pinyin: Kǒuhú Xiāng) is a rural township in Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Kouhu Township
Chenglong Wetlands in Kouhu Township
Chenglong Wetlands in Kouhu Township
Kouhu Township in Yunlin County
Kouhu Township in Yunlin County
LocationYunlin County, Taiwan
 • Total80 km2 (30 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total27,491
 • Density340/km2 (890/sq mi)


Map including Kouhu (labeled as K'ou-hu (Kōko) 口湖) (1950)

It has a population total of 29,017 and an area of 80.4612 square kilometers, including a section of coastline bordering the Taiwan Strait.


Kouhu's coastal waters were traditionally used in oyster farming, but in 1991 they were zoned for offshore industrial use.[1]

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The township comprises 21 villages: Chenglong, Dinghu, Gangtung, Gangxi, Guogang, Houcuo, Hukou, Hutung, Jinghan, Keliao, Kouhu, Luntung, Lunjhong, Pubei, Punan, Shueijing, Sialun, Siecuo, Taizih, Wubei, and Wunan.


Kouhu is one of the area proposed by Taiwan Power Company for underground electricity cable passing through to make a way to Jianshan Village in Huxi Township at Penghu through submarine cable.[2]


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