Kosovo-Pomoravlje District

Kosovo-Pomoravlje District was a district in Kosovo. The area now has a population of 217,726. Before the NATO intervention in the Kosovo War, 20.000 Serbs lived in Gnjilane. The seat of the district was in the city of Gnjilane. Along with the rest of Kosovo i Metohija, it was transferred to UN administration, a situation accepted by the Serbian government. In 2000 the UN administration renamed the district the District of Gjilan as part of a series of reforms, which were rejected by Serbia.

Kosovo-Pomoravlje District
Косовско-поморавски округ
Kosovsko-pomoravski okrug
 (2002 census)
 • Total217,726
ISO 3166 codeRS-29


It included the municipalities of:

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Coordinates: 42°32′00″N 21°34′00″E / 42.5333°N 21.5667°E / 42.5333; 21.5667