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The Kosmos (also spelled Cosmos, Russian: Ко́смос) rockets were a series of Soviet and subsequently Russian rockets, derived from the R-12 and R-14 missiles,[1][2] the best known of which is the Kosmos-3M, which has made over 440 launches. The Kosmos family contained a number of rockets, both carrier rockets and sounding rockets, for orbital and sub-orbital spaceflight respectively. The first variant, the Kosmos-2I, first flew on 27 October 1961. Over 700 Kosmos rockets have been launched overall.


Designation GRAU index Purpose Derived from Maiden flight Final flight Remarks
Kosmos-2I 63S1 Carrier rocket R-12 27 October 1961 19 December 1967
Kosmos-1 65S3 Carrier rocket R-14 18 August 1964 28 December 1965
Kosmos-2M 63S1M Both R-12
Kosmos-2I 11K63 Carrier rocket R-12 24 May 1966 18 June 1977
Kosmos-3 11K65 Carrier rocket R-14 16 November 1966 27 August 1968
Kosmos-3M 11K65M Carrier rocket R-14 15 May 1967 27 April 2010
Kosmos-3MR 65MR Sounding rocket R-14 1 January 1973 Active
Kosmos-3MP 65MP Sounding rocket R-14
Kosmos-3MRB 65MRB Sounding rocket R-14 5 December 1980 21 June 1988

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