Korroticë e Epërme

Gornja Koretica (Serbian Cyrillic: Горња Коретица) or Korroticë e Gllogocit (in Albanian[2]) is a village in the municipality of Glogovac in central Kosovo.[3] It is a rural settlement of the scattered type, situated at the foothill of Goleš (1018 m), on 610–640 m height, 5km southeast from Glogovac.[3] The cadastral area is 849 hectares.[3] The village population economy is plowing and cattle-raising (24,26% agricultural).[3] A quarry is located in the village.

Korroticë e Epërme
Gornja Koretica
Korroticë e Epërme is located in Kosovo
Korroticë e Epërme
Korroticë e Epërme
Location in Kosovo
Coordinates: Coordinates: 42°36′16″N 20°56′02″E / 42.604444°N 20.933889°E / 42.604444; 20.933889
Location Kosovo[a]
 • Total1,240
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

Notable peopleEdit


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