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Korova is a record label, named after the fictitious Korova Milk Bar that was featured in the film A Clockwork Orange, 'korova' (корова) also being the Russian word for 'cow'. The imprint was founded in London, UK in 1979 as a division of Warner Music Group, with its first album release being Echo & The Bunnymen's debut Crocodiles.[1] The label was active throughout the 1980s, not only releasing recordings by Echo & the Bunnymen, but also Airhead, The Sound, Guns for Hire, Dalek I Love You, Tenpole Tudor, Lori & The Chameleons, Ellery Bop and Strawberry Switchblade. The label also put out a few UK releases from The Residents catalogue, as well as American artist Jeff Finlin's Angel in Disguise, with the single "American Dream #109."

The label was reactivated by Warner Music Group in 2003 to issue the 25th anniversary remastered editions of Echo and the Bunnymen's first six LPs and became home to bands such Cosmic Rough Riders, The Storys and The Sounds. The company became defunct by 2007.

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