Korean Vertical Launching System

The Korean Vertical Launching System (K-VLS or KVLS) is a vertical launch weapon system developed by South Korea to be deployed by the Republic of Korea Navy. It is used in the Sejong the Great-class destroyer, and is scheduled to be added to the Daegu-class frigate. The K-VLS can deploy the Cheolmae-2 air defense missile, Hong Sang Eo anti-submarine missile, Haeseong-II, Hyunmoo-3 land attack cruise missiles[1] and even SLBMs.[2][3]

Ships using KVLSEdit

Class Ship type K-VLS complement
Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin class (KDX-II) destroyer 24 cells / 32 cells
King Sejong the Great class (KDX-III) destroyer 48 cells
Daegu-class (FFX-II) frigate 16 cells
Nampo-class minelayer 4 cells
Cheon Wang Bong-class LST 4 cells
KSS-III Attack submarine 10 cells

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