Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (Korean대한체육회; Hanja大韓體育會, Abbr.: KOC) is the National Olympic Committee of Republic of Korea (competing as Korea) for the Olympic Games movement and inbound sports issue. It is a non-profit organization that selects players and teams to represent the nation, and raises funds to send them to Olympic events organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
Korean Sport & Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region South Korea
Created1920, as Joseon Sports Council
Headquarters424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
PresidentLee Kee-heung
Secretary GeneralChoongryul Jeon
The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee



The Joseon Sports Council was established on 13 July 1920, and it made Korean national competitions of each sport including All Joseon Football Tournament.[1] The competitions were combined as the All Joseon Sport Games (currently Korean National Sports Festival) in 1934, and the combined competition was held every autumn.[1] However, the Joseon Sports Council was forcibly dissolved by Japan on 4 July 1938, and Korean sporting activities were restricted until the end of the Japanese occupation.[1] The council was revived after Korean independence in 1945, and joined the IOC on 20 June 1947.[1] It also established the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) to prepare for the Olympic Games in that year.[1] The council was renamed the Korea Amateur Sports Association (KASA) in 1954,[1] and the Korea Sports Council (KSC) in 1994.[2] The KASA succeeded in hosting the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, and South Korea finished fourth in that edition, which was its best ever result in Olympics. The KOC was merged into the KSC on 24 June 2009, but the organization used KOC as its name.[1] It once again merged with the Korea Council of Sport for All in March 2016,[1] and named the current "Korean Sport & Olympic Committee" in November 2016, but the emblem of the committee is remaining the same as previous.

All-time presidentsEdit

All-time IOC membersEdit

Lee Kee-heung in his function as an IOC member at the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics

2018 Inter-Korean Sports ConferenceEdit

On November 2, 2018, officials from both North and South Korea announced that their countries would participate at the 2020 Summer Olympics, held in Tokyo, Japan, as a unified team.[3][4] The officials from both Koreas also announced that the letters they would send to the IOC regarding their bids for hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics would also consist of co-host bids so that the Olympic activities would take place in both nations if their bids were accepted as well.[3][4][5]

Korean Sports Hall of FameEdit


Inductee Sport Gender Year Titles
Olympic sports
Sohn Kee-chung   Athletics Male 2011 Summer Olympics  : 1936
Kim Seong-jip   Weightlifting Male 2011 Summer Olympics  : 1948, 1952
Asian Games: 1954
Suh Yun-bok   Athletics Male 2014 Boston Marathon: 1947
Chang Chang-sun   Wrestling Male 2014 Summer Olympics:  : 1964
World Championships: 1966
Yang Jung-mo   Wrestling Male 2015 Summer Olympics  : 1976
Asian Games: 1974, 1978
Park Shin-ja   Basketball Female 2015
Yuna Kim   Figure skating Female 2016 Winter Olympics  : 2010
Winter Olympics  : 2014
World Championships: 2009, 2013
Four Continents Championships: 2009
Grand Prix Final: 2006–07, 2007–08, 2009–10
Cha Bum-kun   Football Male 2017 Asian Games: 1978
Kim Jin-ho   Archery Female 2018 Summer Olympics  : 1984
World Championships: 1979 (2), 1983 (2)
Asian Games: 1978, 1982, 1986 (3)
Asian Championships: 1981, 1983, 1985
Jo O-ryeon   Swimming Male 2020 Asian Games: 1970 (2), 1974 (2)
Other sports
Kim Il Professional wrestling Male 2018 WWA World Championship: 1967
Um Hong-gil Mountaineering Male 2019 Climber of all 14 eight-thousanders
Min Kwan-sik Male 2014
Kim Un-yong Male 2015

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