Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), Korea (Korean한국과학기술정보연구원; Hanja韓国科學技術情報研究院) is a government-funded research institute in Daedeok Science Town in Daejeon, South Korea.

Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
TypeGovernmental organization
HeadquartersDaejeon, South Korea
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Revised RomanizationHangung Gwahang Gisul Jeongbo Yeonguwon
McCune–ReischauerHan'gung Kwahang Kisul Chŏngbo Yŏn'guwŏn

Chronology edit

Date Changes
2010.09 Built Hub of Large-Scale Test Data Center
2010.08 Designated as a Center for National Nano Technology Policy
2009.09 Founded the Association of Science and Technology Information (ASTI)
2009.05 Introduced Supercomputer No. 4
2008.07 Opened a Remote Control Center for Accelerator Test
2005.10 Designated as an agency to develop National Technology Information System (NTIS)
2005.08 Opened the Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development (GLORIAD)
2005.03 Opened a Science & Technology Information Protection Center
2001.07 Designated as an agency for building Science & Technology Information Control and Distribution System
2001.01 Built Science & Technology Information Portal Service System (yes KISTI)
2001.01 Established KISTI
2000.02 Integration of KINITI and KORDIC
1999.01 Reorganized as a Research Society, part of the Prime Minister Office
1997.08 Opened Integrated Service Network (Inno-NET)
1994.03 Established Technology Transfer Information Center
1994.02 Designated as an Integrated Information Agency for Science and Technology Information
1993.12 Held The 1st Korea-Japan TechnoMart
1993.12 Opened Korea-Russia Industrial Cooperation Information Center
1993.11 Ran Supercomputer No. 2 (CRAY C/90)
1993.04 Established Korea Research & Development Information Center (KORDIC)
1991.02 Project (under System Engineering Research Institute)
1991.02 Launched the Science and Technology Information Distribution
1991.01 Opened Korea Institute of Industry and Technology Information (KINITI)
1988.10 Ran Supercomputer No.1 (CRAY 2S)
1988.05 Opened Center for Industrial Technology Information (CITI)
1986.06 Held 'Workshop on International Technology Transfer’
1985.07 Established Technology Information Distribution Center
1984.10 Started an On-line DB Information Service
1982. Reorganized into Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET)
1978.02 Operated IBM Model 138
1975. Developed Korean Information Processing System (KIPS)
1975.07 Started Information Service based on Database
1962.01 Established Korea Science & Technology Information Center (KORSTIC)

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