Korea Ice Hockey Association

The Korea Ice Hockey Association (Korean: 대한아이스하키협회) is the governing body and member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) that oversees ice hockey in South Korea.[1][2][3]

South Korea KIHA
Korea Ice Hockey Association.png
Association nameKorea Ice Hockey Association
IIHF membershipJuly 25, 1960
PresidentChung Mong-won
IIHF men's ranking25th
IIHF women's ranking28th
Korea Ice Hockey Association
Revised RomanizationDaehan Aiseuhaki Hyeophoe
McCune–ReischauerTaehan Aisŭhak'i Hyǒphoe

XXIII Olympic Winter GamesEdit

The Korean Ice Hockey Association will have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics for the first time, under host nation rules, as Pyeongchang, South Korea has been awarded the 2018 Winter Olympics.[4][5]


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