Korath the Pursuer

Korath the Pursuer (/ˈkɔːræθ/) (real name Korath-Thak) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Korath was a geneticist, who founded and led the Pursuer Project. He also was a member of the Starforce.

Korath the Pursuer
Korath the Pursuer.jpg
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceQuasar #32 (March 1992)
Created byMark Gruenwald
Greg Capullo
In-story information
Alter egoKorath-Thak
Team affiliationsStarforce
AbilitiesCyber-genetic engineering
Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability
Psionically locate individuals by tracing their brain patterns

Djimon Hounsou portrayed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Captain Marvel (2019).

Publication historyEdit

Korath first appeared in Quasar #32 (March 1992), and was created by Mark Gruenwald and Greg Capullo. It was revealed that Korath-Thak was the lead designer of the project that created the Pursuer, a cockroach from Earth modified by Kree geneticists, which first appeared in Inhumans #11 (June 1977), fifteen years before Korath himself made his first appearance.[1][2]

He was a member of the Starforce team during the Operation Galactic Storm storyline. He turned the experiments on himself and it give him superpowers, including the ability to follow the brainwaves of his targets. He later reunited with his old team mate Ronan the Accuser, as part of the Annihilation event.[1][3]

Fictional character biographyEdit

Korath-Thak is an agent of the Kree Empire. He was a cyber-geneticist, and the founder and head of the Pursuer Project to develop cybernetic warriors for the Kree militia.[4] He has also been a munitions manufacturing plant foreman, and a special operative of the Supreme Intelligence.

Korath used cyber-genetic technology of his own design to gain superhuman powers during the Kree/Shi'ar War.[5] He then met Shatterax, Ultimus, and Supremor. At the behest of Supremor, he attacked the Avengers force on Hala, and battled Captain America.[6] Alongside the Kree Starforce, he again battled the Avengers on Hala. He witnessed the assassination of Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn by Deathbird and the return to power of the Supreme Intelligence.[7] Alongside the Kree Starforce, he was held captive in a Shi'ar stasis ray. He witnessed a battle between an Avengers force, and was defeated by the Scarlet Witch and Astra.[8] Alongside the Kree Starforce, he arrived in the Shi'ar Empire to assassinate Lilandra. He battled another contingent of Avengers and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.[9] He returned to Hala alongside Lilandra, Starforce, and the Imperial Guard after the detonation of the nega-bomb to help the Kree rebuild under Shi'ar rule.[10] Alongside the Shi'ar Starforce and Deathbird, Korath attacked Quasar, Her, and Makkari on Hala for violating Shi'ar airspace.[11]

Admiral Galen-Kor and his criminal forces battled Deathbird and Starforce.[12] Korath and Starforce alongside the Underground Legion battled Lord Tantalus.[13] Korath wound up settling on the planet of Godthab Omega. Korath was reunited with Ronan when he came to the planet in search of Tana Nile.[14] Korath was apparently assimilated into The Phalanx and became one of their Select. He fought Quasar, Moondragon, and Adam Warlock and was killed by Ultron when he failed to capture Adam Warlock.[15] Tanalth became the new leader of the Pursuer Corps.[16]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Korath is a member of the alien Kree race, who was augmented by an unknown experimental cyber-genetic engineering process. He has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He also has the ability to psionically locate individuals by tracing their brain patterns. Like other Kree, Korath is unable to breathe in Earth's atmosphere without a special apparatus or breathing serum.

Korath is an expert in cyber-genetic engineering. He is trained in the martial skills of the ancient Kree, and is a competent but relatively inexperienced armed and unarmed combatant.

Korath wears an armored battle-suit and helmet composed of unknown alien materials. He wields two 1½ foot beta-batons which generate electrical force capable of stunning opponents into unconsciousness on contact or disrupting functions of electrical devices. By adjusting the batons, Korath can stun beings as powerful as Eternals or even intangible beings. He is capable of flight via electrically powered turbines in his boots.

In other mediaEdit


  • Korath the Pursuer first appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy episodes "Backstabbers" and "Road to Knowhere," voiced by Dave Fennoy.[17] He appears as a minion of Thanos and has a connection with Gamora and Nebula where they were both raised by Thanos.
  • Djimon Hounsou is set to reprise his role as Korath in the Disney+ animated series, What If...?[18]


  • Djimon Hounsou portrays Korath the Pursuer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Hounsou first appears as Korath in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).[19][20] A subordinate of Ronan the Accuser, he travels to the planet Morag to retrieve an Orb that has been stolen by Star-Lord. After Ronan recovers the Orb, Korath is present when Ronan takes the Infinity Stone within it for himself, betraying Thanos. Korath later battles the Guardians when they board Ronan's ship during his attack on Xandar and is apparently killed by Drax the Destroyer, who tears out one of his head implants.
    • A younger Korath appears in Captain Marvel, which is set during the 1990s, with Hounsou reprising his role. He is shown to be a member of Starforce alongside Carol Danvers (who was known as "Vers" at the time), Yon-Rogg, Att-Lass, Minn-Erva, and Bron-Char.[21] Korath is first seen with Starforce when they head to the planet Torfa to find a compromised Kree scout named Soh-Lar. This leads to an ambush by a faction of the Skrulls led by Talos which ends with Vers getting captured. When Vers escapes to Earth and contacts Yon-Rogg, Korath accompanies him to Earth alongside Starforce and some Kree soldiers. They confront Carol Danvers on Mar-Vell's hidden ship where they also find Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, Goose, Talos, and some Skrull refugees rescued by Mar-Vell there. After Carol fights the Supreme Intelligence's control and burns out the implant that limits her abilities, Korath joins Starforce and some Kree soldiers in fighting her only to be defeated by Carol.

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