Koottukar (2010 film)

Koottukar (Friends) is a 2020 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Prasad Vaalacheril, starring Vinu Mohan and Bhama.[1][2]

Koottukar poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byPrasad Vaalacheril
Produced byAnnamma Poulose
Written bySatheesh Babu Manchery
StarringVinu Mohan
Music byS. P. Venkatesh
Sam Thomas
Edited byP. C. Mohanan
Distributed byPaulco Films
Release date
  • 19 November 2010 (2010-11-19)


Chandradas receives a phone call regarding a business deal from Unnikrishnan, who then kills him when they meet. Antony Alex, Unnikrishnan's childhood friend, attempts to arrest him and his underworld ally Masthan Bhai, but Bhai's right-hand man Mahmmed shows up and saves them. Bhai tells Mahmmed not to kill Alex and promises to surrender once Unnikrishnan has had his revenge.[3] Alex becomes Commissioner of Police and visits Father Varghese Chembanthotti, who tries to make contact with Unnikrishnan through Bhai, but fails.

Later, Unnikrishnan visits his old house to reminisce. His father Krishnan, an honest taxi driver, had wanted his son to be a police officer, and Unnikrishnan had passed his exams and was selected for IPS training. He was also in love with a woman named Achu, whom both families expected him to marry.

But one day Krishnan was attacked by a drunk man named Kannan. Unnikrishnan fought the attaker off; however, Kannan's father, S. P. Somasundaram, ordered police officer Kodi Rajan to take Krishnan and Unnikrishnan into custody and beat them. Rajan and his accomplice Narayanan tortured the pair, and in the process, Krishnan was killed. Afterward, Unnikrishnan was falsely convicted of killing another man and sent to prison. Achu, at Unnikrishnan's urging, went along with her parents' plans and married someone else. Unnikrishnan's mother and sister were raped by Rajan and Narayanan; the women committed suicide.

In jail, Unnikrishnan was attacked by another prisoner, but Bhai intervened and saved him. Bhai revealed that Somasundaram and Kannan had betrayed him to customs in a smuggling deal. That was the point at which Unnikrishnan and Bhai became friends and allies.

Back in the present, Unnikrishnan kills those who have ruined his life one by one, with Bhai's assistance, but the mission to kill Kannan goes wrong. Kannan reveals that Bhai was his killer before he dies, and Somasundaram begins a manhunt, though Somashekhar stabs Bhai to death before he can be captured. Unnikrishnan then pays a last visit to Father Varghese and asks the priest to pray for him. Meanwhile, Somasundaram takes Mahmmed into custody and uses his confession to arrest Unnikrishnan.

In the final act, Aswathy successfully prosecutes Unnikrishnan, who is sentenced to death. After the verdict, Aswathy commits suicide. Unnikrishnan manages to escape from custody, but only temporarily; as the police shoot him down, Somasundaram is shot by Alex. Unnikrishnan dies in Father Varghese's arms with Alex by his side.




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