Koonammavu (Malayalam: കൂനൻ) is a northern suburb of Kochi city which is associated in the Kochi metropolitan area. Koonammavu (Valluvally) is a census town in Kottuvally Panchayat, North Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam District, Kerala, India and lies between Edappally and North Paravur adjacent to Varappuzha.

Census Town
Multi-lingual sign board at NH-66
Multi-lingual sign board at NH-66
Coordinates: 10°08′35″N 76°18′31″E / 10.14318°N 76.30848°E / 10.14318; 76.30848Coordinates: 10°08′35″N 76°18′31″E / 10.14318°N 76.30848°E / 10.14318; 76.30848
Country India
City UAKochi
 • OfficialMalayalam, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0484
Vehicle registrationKL-42
ClimateAm (Köppen)
St.Philomena's Forane Church & St.Chavara Pilgrimage Centre at Koonammavu


Chithira junction is the busiest place in Koonammavu where the majority of educational Institutions and shopping complexes are situated. National Highway 66 starting from Mumbai (Panavel) to Kanyakumari passes through this town.


Koonammavu is famous for the cottage industry of rosary. An electroplating unit of rosary is functioning here where a large number of women engage in making rosaries. The rosaries made here with 59 pearls are exported to foreign countries. The place houses several educational institutions, churches and religious institutions of various denominations of Christianity. There is also a well-functioning government hospital with pay ward. It is also a hub for education, there are 5 schools in Koonammavu which includes a special school for mentally challenged kids. Most people are daily workers or small businessmen while there are a few rich people and settled abroad.


As a Muziris heritage, Roman coins were unearthed from Kochal, during archaeological excavations. Although it is in the main land of Valluvally, its geography is purely serene and calm. A traditional high Thookkam at Kottuvallykavu Bhagavathy temple in Kavilnada is famous for its Thookkam ritual and Aayiramthiri Kedavilakkupooja.

The name Koonammavu is derived from Koonan-Mavu, which means Humpback MangoTree. It is believed that the great ruler Tippu Sultan once passed by the town and forgot his sword and he remembered he placed it in a humpback mango tree thus got the name Koonamavu. The tree still exists even though its main branches were cut for being dangerous to traffic.

The Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara spent his last years and buried at " St. Philomenas Forane Church" [1] in Koonammavu.He was the Parish Priest at that time. The Tomb and Holy remains of Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias is still situated in St.Philomena's Forane Church, Koonammavu. St.Philomena's Forane Church, Koonammavu built in 1837, the church is of immense historic importance and a Chavara pilgrim centre, too.

Blessed Euphrasia Eluvathingal spent her boarding attached to the first indigenous Carmelite community founded by Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Rev. Leopold Beccaro 1866 at Koonammavu.

The St. Joseph's monastery of CMI locally called Koventha is a contribution of Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias Shrine.

Late Finance Minister of Kerala Shri. K.T.George hails from Koonammavu.

Former Kerala captain M Balan Pandit, the first Star of Kerala Cricket was born here on 16 July 1926.


Map of Chithira Junction

Post OfficeEdit

  • The India Post office is situated near the Adikulam Market. It is a sub Post Office having a branch Post Office serving Kongorpilly area with same pincode-683518, While Kongorpilly-Karingamthuruth comes under Alangad Panchayat.

Telecommunication & NetworksEdit

This is a 4G town.Reliance, Airtel & Idea has set up 4G in this area. This area have poor 3G coverage for major Operators like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel & even No 3G for BSNL & Tata Docomo. 2G coverages are really worst for Airtel, Reliance, BSNL & Vodafone in some regions where the most dense clutter stays. BSNL have monopolised all the Wired Landline Connection in this sector, which comes under BSNL-Varappuzha Section.

Major Cable TV operators like Asianet, Keralavision, City Cable franchisees are functioning here as Koonammavu branch. Also high speed Broadband Internet are also available with Asianet & Keralavision. This Zone is also served by Wi-Fi internet from Total BroadBand.

Place of WorshipEdit


  • St.Philomena's Forane Church,Koonammavu.
  • St.Joseph's CMI Monastery Church,Koonammavu.
  • St.Antony's Church,Kochal,Koonammavu.
  • Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Maloth,Kochal,Koonammavu.
  • Amalothbhava Matha Church.Valluvally,Koonammavu.
  • Nitya sahaya matha kappela, Olanad koonammavu
  • Believer's Church,Meisthiripady,Koonammavu.
  • IPC Bersheba Church, Kochal,Koonammavu.


  • Valluvally Juma Masjid,Millupady,Valluvally,Koonammavu.
  • Thaqua Juma Masjid,Athani,Valluvally,Koonammavu.


  • Kottuvallykavu Temple,Kavilnada,Koonammavu.
  • Sree Bhadrakali Devi Lakshmi Narayana Temple,Pallikadavu,Koonammavu.
  • Kachanikoodam Bhagavathy Temple,Kochal,Koonammavu.
  • Shiva Bhadrakali Temple,Chemmayam,Koonammavu.
  • Valluvally North Temple, valluvally, Koonammavu

Education InstitutionsEdit

  • St.Philomena's H.S.S, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.
  • St.Joseph's H.S.S, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.
  • St.Joseph's Technical School, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.
  • Govt. LPS, Schoolpaddy, Valluvally, Koonammavu.
  • Chavara Special School For Mentally Challenged, Chithira Jn.,Koonammavu.
  • Chavara Darsan CMI Public School, Adikulam Market Jn., Koonammavu.
  • BTM College for Women's, Koonammavu.
  • Chavara ITC., Koonammavu.
  • Geek Institute of Fashion Technology, ITC Road, Koonammavu.
  • Royal Institute of Medical Technology, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.
  • Tiny Tots Play School, Valavu, Valluvally, Koonammavu.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Adikulam Market
  • Athani
  • Chithira Junction
  • Pianumkootam
  • Chemmayam
  • Edakkathod
  • Kaduvamkulam
  • Kavilnada
  • Kochal
  • Maloth
  • Meisthiripady
  • Millupady
  • Nalaammile
  • Pallikadavu
  • Schoolpady
  • Thoosham
  • Painam koottam

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