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Kontiki (company)

Kontiki is a peer-assisted content delivery company headquartered in the United States. Kontiki is characterized as peer-assisted because it uses a combination of central servers and peer-to-peer communications.



Kontiki was founded in November 2000. From then to its acquisition, Kontiki raised $46.5 million in investment. In March 2006, the company was acquired by VeriSign (now Symantec) for $62 million[1] in a cash deal. Kontiki has always been focused on the enterprise business, but during the VeriSign years, it also had a consumer-focused division, which was responsible for technology integration with products such as the BBC iPlayer.

In May 2008, VeriSign, as part of a divestiture, sold Kontiki to MK Capital for $1 million and 3.98 million shares (an undetermined fraction of the spun-out company).[2] According to that report, the rumored price was $40 million. Since breaking away from VeriSign, the company focused on their enterprise business.[3]

Kontiki raised another $10.7 million in funding in 2010. The round was led by MK Capital and joined by New World Ventures and Cross Creek Capital, an affiliate of Wasatch Advisors.[4]

Kontiki leadershipEdit

Kontiki brought on a new president and CEO, Dan Vetras, in May 2011. Vetras had been CEO of Visible Technologies.[5]


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