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Konoe family (近衛家, Konoe-ke) is a Japanese aristocratic kin group.[1] The Konoe is a branch of the Fujiwara clan.[2]

Konoe family
Parent houseFujiwara clan
FounderKonoe Motozane
Current headTadateru Konoe
Founding year12th century
Dissolutionstill extant


The Konoe claim descent from Fujiwara Iezane (1179–1242).[1] The family was founded by Konoe Motozane.[citation needed]

The Konoe was one of the five Fujiwara families from which the Sesshō and Kampaku (regents) were chosen.[1] The Konoe is the original (main) branch of the Fujiwara clan.[citation needed]

Tadateru Konoe is the 50th head of the family which goes back to Fujiwara Kamatari (614-669). Fujiwara Michinaga (966-1027) was the patron and a model for Hikaru no Kimi in The Tale of Genji.

Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe was a member of this family.[3] His brother Prince Hidemaro Konoye was a prominent conductor who founded the New Symphony Orchestra of Tokyo, now the NHK Symphony Orchestra.[citation needed]

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