Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen

Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen is a 1966 Eurospy film written and co-directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber and Gianfranco Parolini. Filmed in Ceylon, it stars Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Dan Vadis with Harris and Vadis doing their own stuntwork. It is the second of seven films, loosely based on the 1961 Kommissar X #73 detective novel from the Pabel Moewig publishing house, though the original novel was set in Burma.[2][page needed]

Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen
Drei gelbe katzen.jpg
Italian film poster
Directed by
Screenplay by
  • Mike Ashley
  • Rudolf Zehetgruber[1]
StarringTony Kendall
Music byGino Marinucci Jr.[1]
CinematographyKlaus von Rautenfeld[1]
Edited by
  • Edmond Lozzi
  • René Henaf[1]
  • Parnass-Film GmbH
  • Danny Film
  • Filmédis S.A.
  • Jacques Willemetz
  • Danubiafilm GmbH & Co. KG[1]
Release date
  • 17 May 1966 (1966-05-17) (Austria)
  • West Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Austria[1]


Tom Rowland from the New York Police Department is sent to Colombo to investigate the murder of a US embassy official killed protecting the daughter of a wealthy expatriate American landowner. At the same time New York Private Investigator Joe Walker has been hired by the landowner's daughter to protect her father from being extorted for one million dollars. Through the Ceylon Police they discover a terrorist organisation known as the Three Golden Cats are responsible for both activities and a string of murders with the victims killed by karate blows or by biological chemicals.



Kommissar X – Drei gelbe Katzen was released in Austria on 17 May 1966.[1]


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