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The Kollaa River (Russian: Колласйоки, Finnish: Kollaanjoki or Kollasjoki) is a 76-kilometre (47 mi) long river in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It starts from Lake Kollasjärvi in the Suoyarvsky District and flows to Lake Tulmozero (Finnish: Tulemajärvi) in the Pryazhinsky District.

Kollaa River (Kollasjoki)
Колласйоки, Kollaanjoki
Kollaa river.jpg
Country Russia
Region Republic of Karelia
Source Lake Kollasjärvi
 - elevation 117 m (384 ft)
Mouth Lake Tulmozero
Length 76 km (47 mi)
Road R21 crosses the river at Kolatselga

Before World War II, the source of the river was a part of the Finnish municipality Suistamo and it flowed further through Suojärvi to Tulemajärvi on the Russian side.


During the Winter War in 1939, the area was a scene of the Battle of Kollaa.[1] The river became part of Finnish history, as the Red Army failed to break through there. A memorable quote, "Kollaa holds" (Kollaa kestää), became a legendary motto for the Finns.[1] The river and area are associated with the exploits of the Finnish marksman Simo Häyhä,[2] the gunman with the highest number of confirmed kills in any major war. The battle areas around the river are a preserved monument and tourist site.[3]

The asteroid 1929 Kollaa is named after the river.[4]


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