Koinadugu District

Koinadugu District is a district in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. It is the largest District in Sierra Leone in geographical area, and one of the least most densely populated. Its capital and largest city is Kabala, which is also one of the main cities in Northern Sierra Leone. The District of Koinadugu has a population of 404,097, based on the 2015 Sierra Leone national census;[1] and has a total area of 12,121 km2 (4,680 sq mi). Koinadugu District is subdivided into eleven chiefdoms.

Koinadugu District
The All People's Congress (APC) political rally in Kabala, Koinadugu District.
The All People's Congress (APC) political rally in Kabala, Koinadugu District.
Location of Koinadugu District in Sierra Leone
Location of Koinadugu District in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 9°30′N 11°30′W / 9.500°N 11.500°W / 9.500; -11.500Coordinates: 9°30′N 11°30′W / 9.500°N 11.500°W / 9.500; -11.500
CountrySierra Leone
ProvinceNorthern Province
Largest cityKabala
 • TypeDistrict Council
 • District Council ChairmanAlex Sorie Konteh[1] (APC)
 • Total12,121 km2 (4,680 sq mi)
 • Rank1st
 (2015 census)[1]
 • Total404,097
 • Density33/km2 (86/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Greenwich Mean Time)
HDI (2017)0.340[2]
low · 14th

The District of Koinadugu borders Bombali on the west, Tonkolili District to the south-west, Kono District to the south, Falaba District to the east, and the Republic of Guinea to north east. Diamond mining is a major economic activity in the district, as well as agricultural production of rice, mango, cacao, and coconut.

The population of Koinadugu district is almost entirely made up of five main ethnic groups: the Kuranko, Mandingo, Fula, Limba, and Yalunka. These five ethnic groups are politically and culturally influential in Koinadugu District. Koinadugu District is overwhelmingly Muslim majority and Islam dominates the religious and cultural practices in the district. There is also a small but significant minority Christian population in the district, and is mainly among the Limba people in the district.


The District of Koinadugu is governed with a district council form of government, which is headed by a District Council Chairman, who is responsible for the general management of the district and for seeing that all local laws are enforced. The District Council Chairman is elected directly by the residents of Koinadugu District. The Council Hall of Koinadugu District located in the district capital of Kabala. The current chairman of Koinadugu district council is Sheku Samuel Kamara of the All People's Congress (APC).[3]

Administrative divisionsEdit


The district is made up of eleven chiefdoms as the third level of administrative subdivision.


Koinadugu District is by far the largest district in Sierra Leone and with an estimated population of 265,765. The major ethnic groups in the district are the Fula (who predominate in the district's largest city of Kabala), Kuranko (who predominate in the chiefdoms), Mandingo and Limba and Yalunka (predominant in Musaia and Falaba areas bordering the republic of Guinea (Conakry)).

Members of ParliamentEdit

Koinadugu District currently has 7 Representatives in the Parliament of Sierra Leone, of which one member wasn't elected to a 5-year term.


Gold mining is a major economic activity in the district, as well as agricultural productivity such as rice, mango, beans, cattle rearing, to name but few.

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