Koes Plus

Koes Plus, formerly Koes Bersaudara (Koes Brothers), is an Indonesian musical group that enjoyed success in the 1960s and 1970s. Known as one of Indonesia's classic musical acts, the band peaked in popularity in the days far before the advent of private television companies, delivering stripped-down pop and rock songs at the then-only TV station, TVRI.

Koes Plus
Koes Bersaudara, 1963
Koes Bersaudara, 1963
Background information
OriginTuban, East Java, Indonesia
GenresRock, Pop
Years active1969–2018
MembersYok Koeswoyo
Nomo Koeswoyo
Past membersYon Koeswoyo (deceased)
John Koeswoyo
Tonny Koeswoyo

In 2007, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed 6 of the band's studio albums on their 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time list. Those are Dheg Dheg Plas (1969) at number 4, To The So Called The Guilties (1967) at number 6, Koes Bersaudara (1964) at number 14, Koes Plus Volume 2 (1970) at number 21, Koes Plus Volume 4 (1971) at number 30 and Koes Plus Volume 5 (1971) at number 38.[1]

In addition, Rolling Stone put 10 of the band's songs on the 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time list. The songs are "Bis Sekolah" (1964) at number 4, "Kembali Ke Jakarta" (1969) at number 6, "Nusantara I" (1971) at number 19, "Kolam Susu" (1973) at number 31, "Bunga Di Tepi Jalan" (1971) at number 80, "Kelelawar" (1969) at number 83, "Manis dan Sayang" (1969) at number 88, "Pelangi" (1972) at number 92, "Jemu" (1975) at number 100 and "Di Dalam Bui" (1967) at number 126.[2]


Early days and controversyEdit

Hailing from the Bojonegoro-Tuban area in East Java, the band started out as Koes Bersaudara (Koes Brothers), initially consisting of all five Koeswoyo brothers: John Koeswoyo, Yok Koeswoyo, Yon Koeswoyo, Nomo Koeswoyo and Tonny Koeswoyo. Its antics of pioneering Beatles-influenced rock and roll subculture in Indonesia proved to be controversial. Such subcultures had been banned by President Sukarno in the early 1960s, and in 1965 the brothers were arrested by the Highest Operation Commando (KOTI) for performing covers of Beatles songs.[3] They were eventually released just the day preceding the nation's coup d'état, on 29 September. This experience resulted in their song "Di Dalam Bui".

Koes PlusEdit

When drummer Nomo quit in 1969, Murry was invited to fill the niche, but the decision caused an internal uproar as the band was initially projected as a family act. The feud was resolved by rebaptizing the band as Koes Plus. It consisted of the Koeswoyos plus an outsider; hence the name. Music historians have hypothesized that it was Murry's heavy drumming which led to the band incorporating rock tunes within their generally ballad-heavy albums.[3]

Koes Plus' early days were rugged, as record companies insisted on rejecting them. Murry became frustrated at some point and temporarily quit the band, distributing their records freely as well as joining several other acts. Not until their songs were played on the state radio network did they gain considerable fame.


Koes Plus never owned any legal rights pertaining to their works; they received only flat payment of approximately three million rupiahs for each album they recorded.[3] While this meant that their record label was willing to produce a huge number of albums by Koes Plus due to the small investment involved, it also meant that the band never enjoyed any form of royalties whenever their works are being reproduced.[3] As such, they rely upon their continuing live performances for their income.

Murry (Kasmuri) died on February 1, 2014 in Jatisampurna, Bekasi, West Java, aged 65.[4]


Koes Bersaudara albumsEdit


  1. Dara Manisku;Jangan Bersedih/Dewi Rindu;Si Kancil (Irama)
  2. Selamat Berpisah/Selalu (Irama)
  3. Harapanku / Kuduslah Tjintamu (7") (Irama NP-31)


  1. Pagi Yang Indah/Oh Kau Tahu (Irama)
  2. Angin Laut/Aku Rindukan Kasihmu (7") (Irama NP-33)
  3. Selalu / Awan Putih (7") (Irama NP-34)
  4. Bis Sekolah / Gadis Puri (7") (Irama NP-35)
  5. Aku Rindu / Sendja (7") (Irama NP-36)
  6. Kus Bersaudara (Dari Berpita;Untuk Ibu/Bintang Ketjil;Dipantai Bali)(Irama EP-61)
  7. Meraju Kalbu (Oh Kau Tahu;Pagi Yang Indah/Aku Rindu;Awan Putih)(EP)
  8. Angin Laut;Aku Rindukan Kasihmu/Bis Sekolah Gadis Puri (EP)
  9. Angin Laut (Koes Bersauadra 1962–1964) (LP) (Dara Manisku; Djangan Bersedih; Harapanku; Dewi Rindu; Bis Sekolah; Pagi Jang Indah/Si Kantjil; Oh Kau Tau; Telanga Sunji; Angin Laut; Sendja; Selamat Berpisah)(Irama LPI 17573)


  1. To The So Called "The Guilties" (Mesra)
  2. Djadikan Aku Domba Mu (Mesra MP-41)
  3. Dara Puspita / Kus Bersaudara – Pesta Pak Lurah;Halo Halo (Dara Puspita)/Ami;Senandung Malam Hari (Kus Bersaudara) EP) Irama EPLN-2)


  1. Koes Bersaudara Kembali (Remaco)


  1. Koes Bersaudara 86 Lagi Lagi Kamu


  1. Koes Bersaudara 87 Kau Datang Lagi
  2. Koes Bersaudara 87 Pop Jawa
  3. Koes Bersaudara 87 Pop Anak – Anak
  4. Koes Bersaudara 87 Happy Birthday
  5. Koes Bersaudara 87 Bossas
  6. Koes Bersaudara 87 Pop Batak


  1. Koes Bersaudara 88 Country Pop


  1. Koes Bersaudara Pop Batak Vol. 2
  2. Koes Bersaudara Pop Jawa

Koes Plus albumsEdit


  1. Koes Plus Dheg-dheg Plas (Melody. LP-23)


  1. Natal bersama Koes Plus (EP) (Mesra. EP-97)
  2. Koes Plus Volume 2 (Mesra. LP-44)


  1. Koes Plus Volume 3 (Mesra. LP-48)


  1. Koes Plus Volume 4 Bunga Di Tepi Jalan (Mesra. LP-50)
  2. Koes Plus Volume 5 (Mesra. LP-51)


  1. Koes Plus Volume 6 (Mesra. LP-60)
  2. Koes Plus Volume 7 (Mesra. LP-65)
  3. Koes Plus Volume 8 (Remaco. RLL-187)
  4. Koes Plus Volume 9 (Remaco. RLL-208)
  5. Christmas Song (Remaco. RLL-210)


  1. Koes Plus Volume 10 (Remaco. RLL-209)
  2. Koes Plus Volume 11 (Remaco. RLL-301)
  3. Koes Plus Volume 12 (Remaco. RLL-302)
  4. Koes Plus Qasidah Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-341)
  5. Natal bersama Koes Plus (LP) (Remaco. RLL-342)
  6. Koes Plus The Best Of Koes
  7. Koes Plus Pop Anak-Anak Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-306)
  8. Koes Plus Another Song For You (Remaco. RLL-348)
  9. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-314)
  10. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 2 (Remaco. RLL-347)
  11. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-248)
  12. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Volume 2 (Remaco. RLL-311)
  13. Koes Plus Pop Keroncong Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-299)
  14. Koes Plus Pop Keroncong Volume 2 (Remaco. RLL-300)
  15. Koes Plus Volume 8 (Instrumental)
  16. Koes Plus Volume 9 (Instrumental)
  17. Koes Plus Volume 10 (Instrumental)
  18. Koes Plus Volume 11 (Instrumental)
  19. Koes Plus The Best Of Koes (Instrumental)
  20. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Vol 1 (Instrumental)
  21. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Vol 2 (Instrumental)
  22. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 1 (Instrumental)
  23. Koes Plus Pop Keroncong Volume 1 (Instrumental)


  1. Koes Plus Volume 13 (Remaco. RLL-303)
  2. Koes Plus Volume 14 (Remaco. RLL-631)
  3. Koes Plus Selalu Dihatiku (Remaco. RLL-468)
  4. Koes Plus Pop Anak-Anak Volume 2 (Remaco. RLL-448)
  5. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 3 (Remaco. RLL-390)
  6. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Volume 3
  7. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 2 (Instrumental)


  1. Koes Plus In Concert (Remaco. RLL-635)
  2. Koes Plus History Of Koes Brothers (Remaco. RLL-715)
  3. Koes Plus In Hard Beat Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-717)
  4. Koes Plus In Hard Beat Volume 2 (Remaco. RLL-768)
  5. Koes Plus In Folk Song Volume 1 (Remaco. RLL-)
  6. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Volume 4 (Remaco. RLL-730)
  7. Koes Plus Pop Keroncong Volume 3 (Remaco. RLL-388)
  8. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Melayu (Remaco. RLL-633)
  9. Koes Plus Volume 12 (Instrumental)


  1. Koes Plus Pop Jawa Volume 4
  1. Koes Plus 78 Bersama Lagi (Purnama. PLL-2061)
  2. Koes Plus 78 Melati Biru (Purnama. PLL-2077)
  3. Koes Plus 78 Pop Melayu Cubit-Cubitan (Purnama. PLL-3055)


  1. Koes Plus 79 Melepas Kerinduan (Purnama. PLL-323)
  2. Koes Plus 79 Berjumpa Lagi (Purnama. PLL-3040)
  3. Koes Plus 79 Aku Dan Kekasihku (Purnama. PLL-4022)
  4. Koes Plus 79 Pop Melayu Angin Bertiup (Purnama. PLL-4009)


  1. Koes Plus 80 Jeritan Hati (Remaco. PLL-4044)


  1. Koes Plus 81 Sederhana Bersamamu (Purnama. PLL-5091)
  2. Koes Plus 81 Asmara
  3. Koes Plus Medley 13 Th Karya Koes Plus
  4. Koes Plus 81 Pop Melayu Oke Boss
  5. Koes Plus Medley Dangdut 13 Th Karya Koes Plus


  1. Koes Plus 82 Koperasi Nusantara
  2. Koes Plus 81 Pop Keroncong


  1. Koes Plus 83 Da da da
  2. Koes Plus Re-Arrange I & II
  3. Koes Bersaudara Plus Garuda Pancasila


  1. Koes Plus 84 Angin Senja & Geladak Hitam
  2. Koes Plus 84 Palapa
  3. Koes Plus Pop Memble 84 (Puspita Record)
  4. Koes Plus Album Nostalgia Platinum 1
  5. Koes Plus Album Nostalgia Platinum 2
  6. Koes Plus Album Nostalgia Platinum (Instrumental)


  1. Koes Plus 85 Ganja Kelabu


  1. Koes Plus 87 Cinta Di Balik Kota
  2. Koes Plus 87 Lembah Derita
  3. Milik Illahi
  4. Koes Plus "Aids"


  1. Koes Plus 88 Jumpa Pertama
  2. Koes Plus 88 Sakit


  1. Koes Plus "Reuni"
  2. Koes Plus 89 Nasib


  1. Koes Plus Kidung Jawa "Pit Kopat Kapit"


  1. Koes Plus 91 Asam Di Gunung Garam Di Laut
  2. Koes Plus Dangdut 91 Amelinda
  3. Koes Plus Reggae


  1. Koes Plus 93 Mata Bertemu Mata
  2. Koes Plus 93 Sedih


  1. Koes Plus "Tak Usah Kau Sesali"


  1. Koes Plus 95 Pantun Berkait


  1. Koes Plus Pop Melayu Putus Cinta
  2. Koes Plus Kasih 96


  1. Koes Plus Dores Rindu Kamu


  1. Koes Plus & Koes Bersaudara Disco House Music
  2. Koes Plus 98 Nusantara 2000
  3. Koes Plus Akustik
  4. Koes Plus 98 Takdir Kehidupanku


  1. Koes Plus Pop Keroncong Abadi
  2. Koes Plus Burung Dara
  3. Koes Plus Back To Basic
  4. Koes Plus Love Song Koes Plus (Billy J Budihardjo)


  1. Melaut Bersama Koes Plus


  1. Koes Plus Pembaharuan Song Of Porong


  1. Koes Plus Pembaharuan "Curiga"2012
  2. Dar Der Dor!

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