Kochi (disambiguation)

Kochi primarily refers to a city in Kerala, India.

Kochi or Kōchi may also refer to:


  • Kochi people, a predominantly Pashtun nomadic people of Afghanistan
  • Kochi (古知 or 東風), a Japanese surname:
    • Arata Kochi (born 1948 or 1949), Japanese physician and World Health Organization official
    • Jun Kochi (born 1983), Japanese football goalkeeper in the Dhivehi Premier League, Maldives
  • Kōchi (高知 or 高智), a Japanese surname with a different pronunciation:
    • Jay Kochi (1927–2008), American organic chemist of Japanese descent
    • Mizuho Katayama (previously Mizuho Kōchi; born 1969), synchronized swimming coach in Japan
    • Erica Kochi (born 1979), UNICEF official
    • Kairi Kochi (born 1985), Japanese handball player




  • 2396 Kochi, an asteroid discovered in 1981
  • Kochi font, a font development project by Yasuyuki Furukawa to build free replacements of proprietary fonts
  • Kochi reaction, an organic reaction for the decarboxylation of carboxylic acids to alkyl halides
  • Kochi (kuih), a Malay-style cake with coconut filling
  • Kochi Fighting Dogs, a semi-professional baseball team in the Shikoku Island League of Japan

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