Kliché was a Danish rock band from Aarhus (1977-1985), formed by Lars H.U.G., Johannes (Johnny) Voss, Jens Valo, and Anders Brill. The group's original members met and formed the band while studying at the Aarhus Art Academy.[1] Nils Torp, Steffen Brandt, and Hilmer Hassig later played with the group as well.[2]

OriginAarhus, Denmark
GenresRock, New Wave
Years active1977-1985
Associated actsVoss/Torp/Brill
Lars H.U.G.
Past membersLars H.U.G.
Johnny Voss
Jens Valo
Nils Torp
Anders Brill
For other uses, see Cliché (disambiguation)

Kliché was known for their avant-garde and postmodern musical style. In performance, the group wore uniforms or overalls in order to reflect a factory, even going so far as to use a metal grinder as an instrument. They ironically quoted Mao Zedong and Buddha in several of their songs and frequently made politically charged music.[3] Their first album Supertanker entered the Danish Culture Canon in 2006 because of its influential status and expression of emerging post-modernity in early 1980's Denmark.[4]


The band dissolved in 1985 when Lars Hug left the group to pursue a career. After Hug left the band, the remaining members three members of the band—Johannes Voss, Nils Torp, and Anders Brill—continued to collaborate under the name Voss/Torp/Brill. They released a single album titled Dobbelt Plus in 1984. The trio broke up again not long thereafter. Voss and Torp reformed as the duo Voss/Torp and released their album Den Store Lysfest in 1987.[5][6]

The group's former members went on to various careers:

  • Nils Torp formed the duo Souvenirs with Sofie Bonde.
  • Jens Valo joined the band Grind in the 1990s, performing under the name Jens Danielsen.
  • Anders Brill worked as journalist after leaving the music industry. He died of cancer in 2009 at the age of 62.[7]



Studio albums
  • 1980: Supertanker
  • 1982: Okay Okay Boys
Compilation albums
  • 2010: De Samlede Klichéer (compilation) - Reached #26 on Danish Albums Chart)[8]


  • 1979: "Militskvinder" / "Farvel"
  • 1980: "Aldrig mere" / "Militskvinder"
  • 1982: "Bravo Charlie" / "Patrulje"
  • 1982: "Patrulje" / "Okay Okay Boys"
  • 1982: "Bravo Charlie" / "Oppenheimers formiddag"
  • 1985: "Shooting Star"


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