Klek (peninsula)

Coordinates: 42°55′09″N 17°35′30″E / 42.919224°N 17.591658°E / 42.919224; 17.591658

Klek is the name of a small peninsula in the Adriatic Sea located southwest of Neum, Bosnia Herzegovina.

The peak of the peninsula seen from the mainland, with the larger landmass of Pelješac in the background

The peak of the peninsula, known as Rep Kleka (also known as Ponta repa and Turski rep by the locals from neighbouring countries), that lies directly across the eponymous village of Klek in Croatia, is disputed between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, who last negotiated its status in the 1999 Neum Agreement.[1][2]


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Borders of Bosnia Herzegovina near Neum as modified according to the 1999 agreement