Kjeller Flyfabrikk (English: Kjeller Aircraft Factory),[note 1] also known as the Hærens Flyfabrikk, was a Norwegian manufacturer of military aircraft. It was formally established in 1915, but was active from 1912. The factory was owned by the Norwegian government under the management of the Norwegian Army Air Service.

A PK X-1 experimental helicopter, part of the Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection

It mainly built foreign types of aircraft under license, but also developed several types.

Aircraft produced at Kjeller Flyfabrikk

Aircraft name Years built No. built Type Remarks
F.F. 6 1921 1 Fighter
F.F. 7 Hauk 1923–1924 14 Fighter License-built Hannover CL.V
F.F. 8 Make 1923–1924 14 Reconnaissance floatplane License-built Hansa-Brandenburg W.33
F.F.9 Kaje 1921–1926 19 Trainer/
Kaje I, Kaje II and Kaje III
Fokker C.V 1929–1939 42 Light bomber/
Moth 10 Trainer License-built
Tiger Moth 1932–1935 37 Trainer License-built
PK X-1 1955 1 Helicopter Prototype
PK X-2 1962 1 Helicopter Prototype


  1. ^ Contraction of Kjeller Flyvemaskinsfabrik (English: Kjeller Flying Machine Factory)