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Kizhoor is a village situated in the Villianur Commune Panchayat, Puducherry. It is located around 22 kilometers away from Puducherry. Kizhoor comes under the Mangalam Constituency of the Union Territory of Puducherry.[1] Population of Kizhur in 2011 was 2,955 persons.[2]


Referendum for Independence from France
Referendum for Independence from France
Kizhoor is located in Puducherry
Location in Puducherry, India
Kizhoor is located in India
Kizhoor (India)
Coordinates: 11°53′03″N 79°40′35″E / 11.88417°N 79.67639°E / 11.88417; 79.67639Coordinates: 11°53′03″N 79°40′35″E / 11.88417°N 79.67639°E / 11.88417; 79.67639
 • Total2,955
 • OfficialFrench, Tamil, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
605 106
Telephone code0413
Vehicle registrationPY-01



Kizhoor has an important place in the Indian Independence Movement. French Government had conducted a Referendum in Kizhoor either to continue as a French Colonial State or to unite with the Indian nation. The French government conceded the merger of Puducherry and other French establishments through[3] at Kizhoor.

Freedom movementEdit

Pondicherry played a dual role in the history of the freedom movement. It fought for its own freedom and also gave tremendous support to India’s independence struggle against the British. The post-independence government initiated discussions to integrate the French-Indian territories with the country. The National Youth Congress began a Satyagraha. Pro-merger processions were organized by freedom fighters who were often lathi-charged, their flags seized and torn by the French-Indian police. A momentous event in Pondicherry’s freedom movement occurred on 18 October 1954[4] when all elected members of the Representative Assembly and the Municipal Councils met to consider the joint proposals of the French and Indian Governments for a final settlement through a Referendum. This is known as Kizhoor Congress. Monsieur Balasubramanian, President of Assemblée Réprésentative, was the presiding officer of the congress which voted in secret ballot. An overwhelming majority of 170 out of 178 members favored the merger of French Indian territories with India.

France transferred its last four territories — Pondicherry, Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe — to India on November 1, 1954. M R K Nehru, General Secretary of Foreign Affairs, hoisted the Indian flag. Kewal Singh, the first High Commissioner of the new state and Pierre Landy, special diplomatic representative of the French Republic Government, exchanged signatures at the Governor’s transfer of power ceremony.[5] It was on August 16, 1962 that, in adherence to the time tested template of the voice of the people being the voice of God, the French Government conceded the merger of Puducherry and other French establishments through De Jure Transfer. This was a direct sequel to the verdict registered at a referendum for merger of Puducherry with the Indian Union.



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