Kizhakkan Pathrose

Kizhakkan Pathrose (Malayalam: കിഴക്കൻ പത്രോസ്) is a 1992 Malayalam film, directed by T. S. Suresh Babu, starring Mammootty in the title role. This movie got avg status in 1992.

Kizhakkan Pathrose
Directed byT. S. Suresh Babu
Produced byThommy Kunju
Written byDennis Joseph (screenplay)
Muttathu Varkey (story)
K.P.A.C. Lalitha
CinematographyJayanan Vincent
Distributed byMaruti Pictures
Release date


Pothen Upadeshi makes his living as a Gospel preacher. He stays in a house that has been granted to him by Chandy Muthalaali for some time so to as to get rid of the evil prevailing in that site. Pathrose and Kunjumol are his children. Pathrose tries to make an earning by playing drama. However, it doesn't yield him any good financial benefits. His mother gets him married to Molly so that they get a mini lorry also as dowry. Pathrose joins Chandy Muthalaali to transport his goods to Sait at Ernakulam. Chandy had already bribed the tax officials so as to evade tax at check-posts. Pathrose decides to transport fish from Ernakulam to his hometown and sell to make a profit. However, he is blocked by the authorised fish trader in Ernakulam, Tharakan, who takes away all the fish Pathrose had purchased. Pathrose suffers a heavy loss, however, Molly gives him her ornaments to be pledged. Pathrose fights with the fish trader and transports fish in return. He also transports goods directly without Chandy's knowledge to earn more. When Chandy's men get to know about it, they burn Pathrose's lorry and damage his house. Pathrose also comes to know that Molly was ditched by Chandy's son earlier. Pathrose leaves his house disappointed. His father takes Molly to her house.

With the financial aid given by Mary, a fish vendor, Pathrose progresses as a fish seller. Occasionally he meets Anthony, who is a drug addict. He joins hands with Anthony and they get jointly involved in the drug business. They also plan Kunjumol's wedding. However, Upadeshi, who is now in an old age home, refuses to go home for the wedding. Molly and his son also stay with him there. An act of betrayal follows, and finally, the movie ends with hope.



All lyrics are written by O. N. V. Kurup; all music is composed by S. P. Venkatesh.

1."Pathirakkili"K. J. Yesudas 
2."Venal Choodin"K. J. Yesudas 
3."Thudi Kotti"K. J. Yesudas 
4."Neerazhi Penninte"K. J. Yesudas, K. S. Chithra 

The tune of the song "Pathirakkili" was used again as "Jhoot Bol Na Sach Baat Bol De" for Priyadarshan's Bollywood film Saat Rang Ke Sapne.


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