Kiyevka (river)

The Kiyevka (Russian: Киевка, formerly Судзухе Sudzukhe)[1] is a river in Primorsky Krai, Russia.

Star of Primorye of Benev Waterfalls.jpg
Star of Primorye, the highest of Benev Waterfalls
Physical characteristics
 • locationSikhote-Alin
 • location
Sea of Japan
 • coordinates
42°50′5″N 133°40′32″E / 42.83472°N 133.67556°E / 42.83472; 133.67556Coordinates: 42°50′5″N 133°40′32″E / 42.83472°N 133.67556°E / 42.83472; 133.67556
Length105 km (65 mi)
Basin size3,120 km2 (1,200 sq mi)

It is 105 kilometres (65 mi) long with a drainage basin of 3,120 square kilometres (1,200 sq mi).[2][3] Kiyevka rises in Southern Sikhote-Alin and flows into the Kiyevka Bay of the Sea of Japan. The main tributaries are the Krivaya, which is 71 kilometres (44 mi) long; the Lazovka, 54 kilometres (34 mi), and the Benyovka, 37 kilometres (23 mi). There are more than 20 waterfalls on the river (Benev Waterfalls), the highest is Star of Primorye at 20 metres (66 ft).[4]

The river was named after Kyiv by settlers from Ukraine.

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