Kitagwenda District

Kitagwenda District is a district in Western Uganda. The district is named after Kitagwenda County, which is coterminous with the district.[2]

Kitagwenda District
District location in Uganda
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°01′43″S 30°20′10″E / 0.02861°S 30.33611°E / -0.02861; 30.33611Coordinates: 00°01′43″S 30°20′10″E / 0.02861°S 30.33611°E / -0.02861; 30.33611
Country Uganda
RegionWestern Uganda
Sub-regionToro sub-region
 • LCV ChairmanRobert Mugabe[1]
 (2014 Census)
 • Total165,354
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Kitagwenda District is part of the Kingdom of Toro, one of the ancient traditional monarchies in Uganda. The kingdom is coterminous with Toro sub-region, home to an estimated 1 million inhabitants in 2002, according to the national population and housing census conducted that year. The districts that constitute the sub-region are: (a) Bunyangabu District (b) Kabarole District (c) Kamwenge District (d) Kyegegwa District (e) Kyenjojo District and (f) Kitagwenda District.[3]


Kitagwenda District is bordered by Kabarole District to the northwest and north, Kamwenge District to the northeast, Ibanda District to the east and southeast, Rubirizi District to the southwest and Kasese District to the west.[4]

Ntara, the district headquarters lies approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi), by road, south of Fort Portal, the largest city in Toro sub-region.[5] This is 340 kilometres (211 mi), by road, west of Uganda's capital city, Kampala.[6] The coordinates of Kitagwenda District are: 0°01'43.0"S, 30°20'10.0"E (Latitude:-0.028611; Longitude:30.336111).[7]


The district was created in 2019 by Act of Parliament. Prior to then, it was part of Kamwenge District. The district is coterminous with Kitagwenda County, after which it is named.[1] It is predominantly a rural area district.[8]

Kitagwenda is made up of one county, two town councils and five sub-counties. The town councils are 1. Ntara and 2. Kabujogera. The sub-counties are Nyabbani, Ntara, Kanara, Kicheche and Mashyoro.[1]

There are numerous aquatic systems in the district including:


The 2011, the population of Kitagwenda County was estimated at about 129,600 inhabitants.[9] The national population census and household survey held on 27 August 2014, enumerated the population of Kitagwenda at 165,354 people.[1] The predominant ethnic group in the district are Batagwenda and the language spoken is Rutagwenda.

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