Kirovske Raion

Kirovske Raion (Ukrainian: Кіровський район, Russian: Кировский район, Crimean Tatar: İslâm Terek rayonı) is one of the 25 regions of Crimea, currently subject to a territorial dispute between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The raion's administrative centre is the urban-type settlement of Kirovske. Population: 50,834 (2014 Census).[1]

Kirovske Raion
İslâm Terek rayonı
Agarmysh, Kirovsky District
Agarmysh, Kirovsky District
Flag of Kirovske Raion
Official seal of Kirovske Raion
Raion location within Crimea
  • 1 cities
  • 1 towns
  • 39 villages
 • Total1,208 km2 (466 sq mi)
 • Total50,834
 • Density42/km2 (110/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (MSK)
Dialing code+380-6555

The raion is located in the eastern part of the republic. The southern part of the raion is occupied with the foothills, while the northern one is situated in the Crimean steppe. The North-Crimean channel (the main waterway of northern Crimea supplying the republic with water from the Dnieper river) is going through the region.

The raion is famous for the historical town of Stary Krym.


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Coordinates: 45°13′25″N 35°12′19″E / 45.22361°N 35.20528°E / 45.22361; 35.20528