Kirkland (sidewheeler)

Kirkland was a sidewheel steamboat that ran on Lake Washington from 1888 to 1898.

Kirkland (sidewheeler).jpg
OwnerJackson Street Cable Railway
RouteLake Washington
BuilderT.W. Lake
In service1888
IdentificationUS Registry #14480
Statusdismantled, hull converted to barge, transferred Alaska
General characteristics
Typeinland steamboat
Length96.5 ft (29.41 m)
Beam19.4 ft (5.91 m)
Depth8.2 ft (2.50 m) depth of hold
Installed powersteam engine, 125 hp (93 kW)


Kirkland was built in 1888 by T.W. Lake for the Jackson Street Cable Railway Company.[1] Once complete, Kirkland was placed on the JuanitaKirklandHoughtonLeschi Park route.[1] Kirkland was considered the prestige vessel on Lake Washington at the time it was built.[1][2] In 1889 Kirkland carried the U.S. Naval Commission on a tour of the lake when they were considering whether a shipping canal was possible. 1891 Kirkland conveyed President Benjamin Harrison around the lake when he came to Seattle.[3][4]


In 1898 Kirkland was dismantled, converted to a barge and sent north to Alaska.[1]


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