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2015–16 Kiribati parliamentary election

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Parliamentary elections were held in Kiribati on 30 December 2015, with a second round of voting for 25 seats on 7 January 2016.[1] The result was a victory for the Pillars of Truth party, which won 26 of the 46 seats.

2015–16 Kiribati parliamentary election

← 2011 30 December 2015 (first round)
7 January 2016 (second round)
2019 →
  First party Second party
Party Pillars of Truth KTKMKP
Seats after 26 19
Seat change Increase 11 Increase 6

Speaker before election

Taomati Iuta
National Progressive Party

Speaker after election

Teatao Teannaki
Pillars of Truth

Electoral systemEdit

The 46 member of the House of Assembly are elected by three methods; 44 are elected in 23 single- and multi-member constituencies using a modified two-round system. Voters had as many votes to cast as the number of seats in their constituencies, and a candidate was elected in the first round if they received more than 50% of the ballots cast. Where not all seats were filled, a second round was held with the number of candidates being equal to the number of remaining seats plus two. A tie in the second round would have resulted in a third round of voting.[2] The other two members of the House consisted of one seat elected by the Rabi Council of Leaders,[2] and a Speaker elected after the elections from outside the House of Assembly.[3]


Of the 44 seats, 19 were won in the first round and 25 went to a run-off.[4] In the first round, incumbent minister Tom Murdoch lost his seat.[5] In the run-off, Labour Minister Martin Moreti and Environment Minister Tiarite Kwong lost their seats. Former President Teatao Teannaki also lost his seat on Abaiang. However, former presidents Ieremia Tabai and Teburoro Tito retained their seats.[4]

On Onotoa, Kouraiti Beniato retained his seat, while on Maiana new MPs David Collins and Kaure Baabo were elected; In North Tarawa, two new MPs, Atarake Natara and Emile Schutz, were elected, while Nabuti Mwemwenikarawa, former leader of Maurin Kiribati and candidate for president, lost; on Kiritimati, Kirata Temwamwaka and Jacob Teem were elected; while Uriam Tirae Iabeta won her Teraina seat in the Line and Phoenix Group.[4]

Party First round Second round Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats
Pillars of Truth 26 +11
United Coalition Party 19
Maurin Kiribati Party
Elected Speaker 1 0
Invalid/blank votes
Total 19 25 46 0
Registered voters/turnout
Source: IPU


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