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Kira Cochrane

Kira Cochrane (born 1977)[1] is a British journalist and novelist. She works as Opinion Editor at The Guardian.[2]

Kira Cochrane
Kira Cochrane, 2014 (cropped).jpg
Kira Cochrane chairing a 2014 Southbank Centre panel discussion on how austerity affects women.
Born Kira Cochrane
1977 (age 40–41)
Loughton, Essex, UK
Residence United Kingdom
Nationality British
Occupation Journalist, writer


Early life and educationEdit

She was born and raised in Loughton, Essex.[3] Her elder brother was killed aged 8 in a traffic accident in 1983, and Cochrane's father had died of a heart attack, with the result that Cochrane and her younger brother were raised in a single parent household.[4] She attended Christ's Hospital school, Horsham[5] before reading American Literature at the University of Sussex and the University of California, Davis.[1][6]

Career in journalismEdit

Formerly a journalist on The Sunday Times, she is a feature writer on The Guardian and was the newspaper's women's editor from 2006[7] to November 2010, when she was succeeded by Jane Martinson.[8] Cochrane subsequently worked as a features writer on the newspaper. Cochrane wrote a column for the New Statesman magazine from around 2006 to July 2008.[9]


Kira Cochrane has published two novels, The Naked Season[10] and Escape Routes for Beginners,[11] which appeared on the long list for the 2005 Orange Prize for Fiction.[12] In 2009, Cochrane was herself on the judging panel for that year's Orange Prize for Fiction.[13] She co-edited (with Eleanor Mills) Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs: 100 Years of the Best Journalism by Women,[14][15] published in the United States as Journalistas: 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists[16][17] and has edited an anthology of women's writing which has appeared in The Guardian, Women of the Revolution: Forty Years of Feminism.[18]


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