Kinosaki Onsen Station

Kinosaki Onsen Station (城崎温泉駅, Kinosaki-onsen-eki) is a railway station on the Sanin Main Line, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) in western Japan, serving the onsen (hot spring) district of Kinosaki in the city of Toyooka, Hyōgo.

Kinosaki Onsen Station

161030 Kinosaki-Onsen Station Toyooka Hyogo pref Japan01bs3.jpg
Kinosaki Onsen Station forecourt, October 2016
LocationKinosaki, Toyooka, Hyōgo
Operated byJR West
Line(s)Sanin Main Line
Previous namesKinosaki (until 2005)


Kinosaki Onsen Station is served by the Sanin Main Line. The station is the dividing point between the electrified segment of the line up to Kyoto, and the non-electrified segment down to Hōki-Daisen. This is the farthest along the line that any regularly scheduled train from Kyoto will go (except the Hakuto Limited Express, which stops at Tottori Station but avoids the Sanin Line for much of its route). Passengers wishing to continue onward must change trains at this station.

The station is also the departure point of an aerial tramway to the summit of Mount Daishi.

Limited express servicesEdit

Station layoutEdit

The station has two side platforms and an island platform serving four tracks at ground level.


View of the platforms, May 2008
1  Sanin Line Local trains returning for Toyooka, Wadayama, and Fukuchiyama
2  Sanin Line mainly used for local trains returning for Hamasaka and Tottori
mainly used for local trains from Kasumi for Toyooka
3  Sanin Line mainly used for limited express trains for Toyooka, Wadayama, Kyoto, and Osaka
4  Sanin Line local trains and limited express Hamakaze for Hamasaka and Tottori
local trains returning for Toyooka, Wadayama, and Fukuchiyama

Elevator access available on platforms 2, 3 & 4.[1]

Adjacent stationsEdit

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Toyooka   Limited Express Hamakaze   Takeno
Gembudō   Rapid   Takeno
Gembudō   Local   Takeno


The station was opened on 5 September 1909 as Kinosaki Station (城崎駅).[2] It was renamed Kinosaki Onsen Station in 2005.


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