List of kings of Síol Anmchadha

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Siol Anmchada was a sub-kingdom or lordship of Uí Maine, in an area of the west of Ireland which is now part of Connacht. It was ruled by an offshoot of the Ui Maine called the Síol Anmchadha ("the seed of Anmchadh"), from whom the territory took its name. Some of them were also Kings of Hy-Many.

Kings of Síol AnmchadhaEdit

Lords of Síol AnmchadhaEdit

Chiefs of the NameEdit

  • Domhnall mac Sean Ua Madadhan/Donald Madden, 1567–1612
  • Ambrose Madden, 1612–1636
  • John Madden, 1636–1677?
  • Colonel Daniel Madden, c. 1677–1727
  • Breasal Madden, 1727–1745
  • Ambrose Madden, 1745–c. 1791
  • Ambrose Madden of Streamstown, alive 1810
  • Breasal Madden of Eyrecourt
  • Ambrose Madden of Buffalo City, USA
  • Walter Madden of Buffalo City, USA, alive 1902


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