Kingdom of Murcia

The Kingdom of Murcia (Spanish: Reino de Murcia) was a territorial jurisdiction of the Crown of Castile since its reconquest in 1266 until Javier de Burgos' provincial division of Spain in 1833.[1] This was a "kingdom" ("reino") in the second sense given by the Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española: the Crown of Castile consisted of several such kingdoms. Its extent is detailed in Respuestas Generales del Catastro de Ensenada (1750–54), which was part of the documentation of a census. Falling largely within the present day Region of Murcia, it also included parts of the province of Albacete, the municipalities of Villena and Sax in the province of Alicante, and some localities in the province of Jaén.[2]

Kingdom of Murcia
Reino de Murcia
Realm of the Crown of Castile
Region of the Kingdom of Spain
Coat of arms of Murcia
Coat of arms
Reino de Murcia loc 1590.svg
 • TypeManoralism
• Annexed by Castile
• Territorial division of Spain
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Taifa of Murcia
Province of Murcia
Province of Albacete
Today part ofSpain

Like the other kingdoms within Spain, the Kingdom of Murcia was abolished by the 1833 territorial division of Spain.[3][4]

The title "King of Murcia" was used by the monarchs of the Crown of Castile and today constitutes one of the historical titles of the Spanish Crown.[5]


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