The Kingdom of Kuku (Kingdom of Koukou) was a Kabyle Berber kingdom. It was established around 1515 CE and ruled by the Ath l-Qadi dynasty until 1632 or 1638 CE.[1] Ahmed ou el Kadhi (Ou l-Qadi) is acknowledged as the founder.[2]

Sultanate of Kuku
Tagelda n Kuku (Kabyle)
c. 1515c. 1638[1]
A map show the kingdom of kuku
Map of Kabyle Kingdoms and Algiers Regency
Common languagesKabyle
• Established
c. 1515
• Disestablished
c. 1638[1]
Today part ofAlgeria

Origins edit

The Ath l-Qadi are generally accepted to have been from the Ath Ghoubri region and having a maraboutic lineage.[3] According to Laurent-Charles Féraud (1829–1888), the dynasty possessed parchments which attributed their genealogy to a certain Ammar ben Idris, hence relating them to the Sharifian Idrisids of Fez.[4][3] While Joseph Nil Robin associates them with a non-Sharifian Fassi ancestry.[3]

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