King Yi of Zhou (Xie)

King Yí of Zhou (Chinese: 周夷王; pinyin: Zhōu Yí Wáng), personal name Ji Xie, was the ninth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty.[1] Estimated dates of his reign are 885–878 BC or 865–858 BC.[2]

King Yí of Zhou
King of China
Reign885–878 BC
PredecessorKing Xiao of Zhou
SuccessorKing Li of Zhou
Died878 BC
SpouseWang Ji
IssueKing Li of Zhou
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Xiè (燮)
HouseZhou Dynasty
FatherKing Yì of Zhou
MotherWang Bo Jiang

He was preceded by his uncle, King Xiao of Zhou, who may have overthrown his father. In the third year of his reign, King Yi sided with Marquis of Ji in a dispute with Duke Ai of Qi and executed Duke Ai by boiling him to death in a large cauldron. King Yi installed Duke Ai's younger half-brother Jing on the throne, later known as Duke Hu of Qi.[3][4][5]

During his reign there were wars in the south with the State of Chu and the Dongyi. According to the Shiji, during his reign the royal power was not strong and the regional rulers failed to pay obeisance to the court.[6]

He was succeeded by his son, King Li of Zhou.



  • Wang Ji, of the Ji clan of E (王姞 姞姓), a princess of E by birth; the mother of Crown Prince Hu


  • Crown Prince Hu (太子胡; 890–828 BC), ruled as King Li of Zhou from 877–828 BC


King Zhao of Zhou (1027–977 BC)
King Mu of Zhou (992–922 BC)
Queen Fang
King Gong of Zhou (d. 900 BC)
King Yih of Zhou (899–892 BC)
King Yi of Zhou (d. 878 BC)
Wang Bo Jiang

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King Yi of Zhou (Xie)
 Died: 878 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
885–878 BC
Succeeded by