King Mu of Chu

King Mu of Chu (Chinese: 楚穆王; pinyin: Chǔ Mù Wáng, died 614 BC) was from 625 to 614 BC king of the state of Chu during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. He was born Xiong Shangchen (Chinese: 熊商臣) and King Mu was his posthumous title.[1]

Xiong Shangchen
King of Chu
Reign625–614 BC
Full name
Posthumous name
King Mu of Chu

Prince Shangchen was the son of King Cheng of Chu and was the original Crown Prince. In 626 BC King Cheng tried to make his other son Prince Zhi the new crown prince on the advice of his wife Zheng Mao. When Shangchen learned of his father's plan, he surrounded the palace with his soldiers and forced King Cheng to hang himself. Shangchen then ascended the throne. He was succeeded by his son King Zhuang of Chu.[1]


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King Mu of Chu
 Died: 614 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King Cheng of Chu
King of Chu
625–614 BC
Succeeded by
King Zhuang of Chu