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King Lie of Zhou (Chinese: 周烈王; pinyin: Zhōu Liè Wáng), or King Lieh of Chou, was the thirty-fourth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty and the twenty-second of Eastern Zhou.[1] His father was King An of Zhou.[2]

King Lie of Zhou
King of China
Reign375–369 BC
PredecessorKing An of Zhou
SuccessorKing Xian of Zhou
Died369 BC
Full name
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Xǐ (喜)
HouseZhou Dynasty
FatherKing An of Zhou


  • Parents:
    • Prince Jiao (王子驕; d. 376 BC), ruled as King An of Zhou from 401–376 BC

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King Lie of Zhou
 Died: 369 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King An of Zhou
King of China
375–369 BC
Succeeded by
King Xian of Zhou