King Lie of Zhou

King Lie of Zhou (Chinese: 周烈王; pinyin: Zhōu Liè Wáng), personal name Ji Xi, was the thirty-fourth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty and the twenty-second of Eastern Zhou.[1] He reigned from 375 BC to his death in 369 BC. His father was King An of Zhou.[2]

King Lie of Zhou
King of China
Reign375–369 BC
PredecessorKing An of Zhou
SuccessorKing Xian of Zhou
Died369 BC
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Xǐ (喜)
HouseZhou dynasty
FatherKing An of Zhou


King Zhending of Zhou (d. 441 BC)
King Kao of Zhou (d. 426 BC)
King Weilie of Zhou (d. 402 BC)
King An of Zhou (d. 376 BC)
King Lie of Zhou (d. 369 BC)

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King Lie of Zhou
 Died: 369 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
375–369 BC
Succeeded by