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King Kong is a fictional giant ape-like creature from Skull Island who has appeared in several works since 1933.

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  • Nickname of Joseph Agbeko, a Ghanaian boxer
  • Nickname of Alexander Romanov, a Moldovan mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler
  • King Kong Bundy (1955-2019), ring name of Chris Pallies, professional wrestler
  • King Kong Brody, ring name of Frank Goodish (1946–1988), professional wrestler, also known as Bruiser Brody
  • King Kong (Emile Czaja), ring name of Emile Czaja (1909-1970), Australian-Indian professional wrestler
  • King Kong Mosca, ring name of Angelo Mosca, professional wrestler and former CFL football player
  • King Kong, ring name of Scott Thompson, professional wrestler
  • King Kong Kirk, Malcolm Kirk (1935-1987), English former professional wrestler


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