King Jaja of Opobo Memorial

The King Jaja of Opobo Memorial is a bronze monument in memory of King Jaja of Opobo, erected by public subscription in 1903.[1] It was listed as being of special architectural, historical or cultural significance by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments on 14 August 1959.[citation needed]

King Jaja of Opobo Memorial
King Jaja Opobo statue 2.jpg
Coordinates4°30′51″N 7°32′20″E / 4.514107°N 7.538879°E / 4.514107; 7.538879Coordinates: 4°30′51″N 7°32′20″E / 4.514107°N 7.538879°E / 4.514107; 7.538879
Grey granite
Opening date1903
Dedicated toKing Jaja of Opobo


It is located within the Opobo town centre and bears an inscription in the English language, which reads:

A king in title and indeed.
Always just and ever generous.
Respected and revered in life.
Lamented and mourned by all when dead.

The statue stands on a grey granite plinth, surrounded by cast iron railings. The grass around is close-growing with neatly-cut edges, giving the dignified appearance of a public park.



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