King Daoxiang of Zhao

King Daoxiang of Zhao (Chinese: 趙悼襄王) (died 236 BC, reigned 244 BC – 236 BC) reigned in the State of Zhao during the Warring States period of Chinese history.

King Daoxiang of Zhao
King of Zhao
Reign244 BC-236 BC
PredecessorKing Xiaocheng
SuccessorKing Youmiu
Died236 BC
IssueJia, King Dai of Zhao
King Youmiu of Zhao
Ancestral name: Yíng (嬴)
Lineage name: Zhào (趙)
Given name: Yǎn (偃)
Posthumous name
King Daoxiang 悼襄王
FatherKing Xiaocheng of Zhao

Born as Zhao Yan to King Xiaocheng of Zhao, he was originally not groomed to succeed to the throne. However, his path to the throne was eased by the circumstances. Firstly, the heir to the Zhao throne was required to spend a large portion of his youth as a hostage in the Qin court – thus making him susceptible to court intrigue. Secondly, the minister Guo Kai was intent on making Zhao Yan the next king. Therefore, when King Xiaocheng died, instead of welcoming the rightful heir back to Handan, Guo Kai proclaimed Zhao Yan as king instead. The famous Zhao general Lian Po objected to this state of affairs and resigned his posts as a result.

King Daoxiang's rule saw Zhao engage in warfare with its eastern neighbour, Yan. Under the command of general Li Mu, Zhao initiated two successful campaigns against Yan in 244 BC and 235 BC, gaining land in what is now central Hebei.

Zhao Daoxiang died in 236 BC, in the midst of a Qin invasion of Zhao and was succeeded by King Youmiu.

Popular cultureEdit

King Daoxiang appears in manga and anime series Kingdom. King Daoxiang is portrayed as pedophile king with twisted personality and little regard for those beneath him. In Kingdom, he dies during Qin invasion of Zhao, after getting poisoned by kids in his bathhouse.