King Abdul Aziz Mosque

King Abdul Aziz Mosque or Marbella Mosque (Spanish: Mezquita del rey Abdelaziz, Mezquita de Marbella) is an Islamic place of worship located in Marbella, Province of Málaga, Andalusia, Spain. It is financed by Saudi Arabia, and is named after their first monarch. It was built in 1981 and is one of the first Spanish mosques built in the modern time.[1]

King Abdul Aziz Mosque
Mezquita del rey Abdelaziz
Mosque of King Abdelaziz.JPG
LocationMarbella, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain
King Abdul Aziz Mosque is located in Andalusia
King Abdul Aziz Mosque
Shown within Andalusia
Geographic coordinates36°30′15.57″N 4°55′39.44″W / 36.5043250°N 4.9276222°W / 36.5043250; -4.9276222Coordinates: 36°30′15.57″N 4°55′39.44″W / 36.5043250°N 4.9276222°W / 36.5043250; -4.9276222
Date established1981

Along with the Fuengirola Mosque and Malaga Mosque, the Marbella Mosque was financed with money from Saudi Arabia, and is therefore a part of the Salafi school of thought, a movement dominant in Saudi Arabia. The construction was ordered by Prince Salman in honor of King Fahd, who was a frequenter of Marbella.[2]

The building architecture is an example of Andalusian-inspired contemporary Arabic architecture. Built by Córdoban architect Juan Mora, it holds over 800 people and consists of housing for the imam, library and gardens.

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