Kimberlee Weatherall

Kimberlee Weatherall in 2007

Kimberlee "Kim" Weatherall is an Australian intellectual property lawyer, blogger and academic.

Weatherall studied at Oxford and Yale, then worked for Mallesons Stephen Jaques in Sydney before becoming a lecturer at the Melbourne Law School. She is also the associate director of the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia and board member of the Australian Digital Alliance. She is currently Professor of Law at the Sydney Law School.[1] She was awarded the third annual Rusty Wrench award for service to the free software community at 2007.[2] Weatherall was appointed to Australia's Advisory Council on Intellectual Property (ACIP) in 2013.[3]

Her blog Weatherall's Law, was called "one of the most interesting" law blogs by Australasian Business Intelligence in 2006.[4] On 10 January 2007 Weatherall announced she would cease posting to the blog.[5] She continues to blog on intellectual property law issues at LawFont.[6]

She has been published in the Sydney Law Review,[7] Federal Law Review,[8][9] American University International Law Review,[10] Melbourne University Law Review,[11] the Journal of Economic Surveys,[12] and other journals.


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